Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wounded Love - Bree Tranter

Official music video for "Wounded Love" by Bree Tranter.


From Bree's upcoming Jaws EP. Buy the song on iTunes:

Directed by Michael Haydon.
Produced by Bree Tranter & Michael Haydon.
Art direction & UV makeup by Imogen Ireland.
Prop design and construction by Hilary Thackway.
1st AC - John Gatliff.
2nd AC - Bryce Jepson.
Makeup by Amber Adams.
Director of Photography - Michael Haydon.
Camera operators - Michael Haydon, John Gatliff, Bryce Jepson.
Edited by Michael Haydon, Bryce Jepson & Bree Tranter.

The dresses Bree wears throughout are Lisa T! thanks so much lovely!! the blue one under the water looks particularly insane GAH!!!

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