Monday, June 4, 2012


i can't believe season 2 of game of thrones is over.,19291?pos=4&large=1 I'm working on some new things... yay!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style Bubble

Hellooo again, So went on Susie Lau's Blog again today (, its just a really nice thing to do during your day because she is so heaven... and saw this... AW! thanks susie :P :) And these are some other pictures of hers of some things she picked up on her world adventures. so good. the post is here... (all photos are Susie's) xox


OMG HILARY THACKWAY My friend Hilary is amazing, she's a illustrator from Sydney and one half of Elodi magazine... check her out!!! she also made this BURGER CAKE and illustrated the recipe for it... COOL

Autumnal mmmm

Yesterday Megan ( and i went on an adventure to this ladys vintage clothes and costume sale. she had so much crazy stuff. like, a whole house and garden full, whow. and i got this cool skirt... and megan got a flapper hat which is silver! among other things... and megan took some pretty pretty pictures... have a look at her blog! Megan is the heavenly creature behind "liebe bluhm" vintage, which is stocked at itrip skip in canberra. xx thanks to megan for the photos :)


Just a beanie and a parka i found at Salvo's last week yay! except for the tea spilt on it... so chilly!