Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Week, Romance was Born show and Susie Bubble!!!

Holey Moley! Well that was pretty much the funnest thing ever. After finishing off bits and bobs pretty late at the Romance Was born Studio on sunday night while listening to Nicki Minaj heaps loud i got up a few hours later (bit too excited to sleep haha) and went over to pier 2 with Alanah and Ange the other interns to get ready for the Romance show WOO! which was AMAZING! YEAH! The show was awesome, Anna and Luke are so talented, and pretty much the coolest people ever. they should be so proud AH HEAVEN! It was sick too hanging out with them and other interns Allanah and Ange who are RAD! i was so lucky as well to get to meet one of my total heroes Susie Bubble from, oh boy! and then i went on her blog today as i do pretty much everyday when I'm having my cup of tea/susie bubble time and she had made a post about my stuff, so I'm feeling really surprised and nervous and flattered and wiggly :S :) :) GLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! here is the link to it :P there was also a lovely lady Candice Lake who was taking some pictures of Allanah and Ange and i who's website is.... oh thanks susie! it was so heaven to meet her! i am going to a talk she is giving on thursday which i have been excited about for ages and never expected to meet her how cool :o and also Jenny Kee! we were saying we should get ready in 5 mins at 430 in the morning more often haha, really seamed to work out for us yesterday... so much excitement! Here are some pictures from getting the models ready before the show! and of Allanah and Ange and Anna and Inga and Tatiana and the rest of the romance team and Luke and Susie and Cat the amazing stylist :) sorry to be so gushy I'm just a bit of an alex mac mushy blob after all this excitement... what a dork! xoxox oh also, this is my Facebook page if anyone is interested... i am currently getting a website built so hopefully that should be up and running soon instead of this scrambled blog with terrible spelling... sorry about it by the way. also, if anyone wants to contact me my email is xo
ill pop some more up tomoz :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Autumn Fashion Parade!

Sorry they're a bit blurred... Im having a bit of trouble uploading nice pictures, but if you would like to see all of them they're on my Facebook page in this album :) ....

Monday, April 16, 2012