Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style Bubble

Hellooo again, So went on Susie Lau's Blog again today (, its just a really nice thing to do during your day because she is so heaven... and saw this... AW! thanks susie :P :) And these are some other pictures of hers of some things she picked up on her world adventures. so good. the post is here... (all photos are Susie's) xox


  1. Hello! Just discovered your work through style bubble and I love the jacket suzy is wearing! Is it for sale anywhere?

    1. Hello! sorry about my late reply! :) :0 thank you! it was a one-off but i am making more :) im going to put some pictures up when i have got a whole collection together, thanks heaps again! also i have a facebook page which is..... and my email is xoxo

  2. I love her too! Just checked out your Facebook page. Your works are rad :) Looking forward to seeing some cool stuff from you :)