Monday, March 26, 2012

Romance Was Born

Holy Moley!!!! Today is so exciting!! I am getting to do an internship with Romance Was Born!!! and am SO EXCITED WOOOOO!!! They are so wonderful and creative and inspired and exciting and i think i am going to pop!! I got to go up into their studio today and meet Anna and Luke the designers and they are so lovely and i am going to start on Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Man i was so nervous! haha woo!! Here are some pictures of their amazing work... it is the best this ever! This week has been the best ever! hanging out with Andy in Sydney! seeing the Fighting League and everything else! xoxoxo


  1. Hi Lisa, how was your internship?
    What did you do?
    Could you give me any tips? :)

    1. Hey Naomi!! sorry about my late reply im a bit hopeless with the internet! The internship was heaven they're so gorgeous! it was just lots of fun, and really great im not sure what to say really... Anna and Luke are just the best, theyre so easy going and fun and their studio is like a wonderland of crazy stuff :) :) x