Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's so windy and stormy all the time with very close pale grey sky. The cherry tree is heavy with big fat juicy dark fruit and when you bite into them the juice runs down your chin and stains your fingers. We have already picked 3 big buckets and tomorrow will make a pie. Today is a sleepy day i have to go into art school to hang my paintings for the grad show but i would prefer to cozy up and have a look see at some old bbc Narnia videos. It feels like winter and the only reason i know it isnt is because e knees are sunburnt. I have been thinking of making a jacket some time soon. all white and pearls and chains with a lace ruff around the neck mmmmm.

William Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Lula, Me by Lucinda Eva May, Cat Diamond sorry i forgot where i found it. ..

... about to tootle off and paint a christmas window for my friends shop Lellow. th sun came out for a second but then it started raining again heaven! i have a fluffy hat on.


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