Sunday, May 2, 2010


yesterday (october 5th...) was the day of coincidences...

coincidence number one,
i found a crinkled wad of paper in my room, picked it up and realised it was the first chapter of a novel my friend Isabel is writing, which i had misplaced so i couldn't read it yet! so i sat down with a cup of tea and read it. shortly after i finished Isa messaged me to ask if i had got around to reading it and what did i think......

coincidence number two,
yesterday i was wearing a peach coloured dress with lace frills and pulled up grandpa socks. i reminded myself of my favourite movie Alice by Jan svankmajer. a czech surrealist stop motion film artist.... in the movie, which based on Alice in wonderland, Alice stumbles repeatedly across a chest of draws, with a broken draw which she climbs into after the white rabbit or eats ink out of or sweat treats... i was walking my dog Jack when i came across a chest of draws, in the middle of a fork it the road, surrounded by trees and grass... there was nothing inside but a small square of shaggy carpet...

coincidence number three,
i was thinking about my friend and philosopher Stephanie Jane Day who moved to Queensland a while ago, and wondering what her address was so i can post her this and that, when i opened up my copy of Dela of Venus which i hadn't read in ages! and he address fell out on a pice of paper....... then she messaged me later in the afternoon to ask for my address....

coincidence number 4,
on the phone to Helani Laisk who i havn't seen in ages,
"what are you doing lisa"
"i just painted my nails"
"i'm about to paint mine too, what colour are yours?"
"baby pearl pink"
"me too....."

coincidence number 5,
the new sportsgirl going out range of summer clothes is coined "D'lux" and the main feature they're focusing on is shoulder embellishments... i only know this because i got a sneak peak into it when i was in melbourne styling they're more casual range called beach street! haha. anyway Helani had no idea about this and bought me a jumper from the YMCA garage sale, BEST SALE EVER! all white and fluffy with pearls and beads a lace sprayed over the padded shoulders and the brand of the jumper is "Delux"...


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